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Meet our team of hard-working, dedicated Councillors and the Parish Clerk who support them.


Cllr Vivienne Hodges

Cllr Vivienne Hodges

Chairman of the Council

I qualified as a Medical Practitioner 1968, and worked in Family Planning and Child Health. In 1984, I joined Moretonhampsted Health Centre as a GP partner, using my maiden name Dr. Vivienne Beddoe. After retirement, I became a Parish Councillor and School Governor. I live on a small-holding on the edge of Moretonhampstead, surrounded by cats, poultry and a large garden.

Contact me: vbeddoe@valleyhouse.eclipse.co.uk

01647 440481

Cllr Mike Warner

Cllr Mike Warner

Vice Chairman of the Council

I am a retired chartered surveyor, who having been born in Moreton returned to live here full time in 2004. Following retirement from an international firm of property advisers, I taught at the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment at Plymouth University.

My hobbies include looking after an old house, an old car and some old motorbikes!

Contact me: el.beardos@gmail.com

01647 441378

Cllr Mike Jeffery

Cllr Mike Jeffery

Chairman of the Planning Committee

I joined the parish council in 1976 and was voted on to the rural aid committee of Teignbridge district council I built the town swimming pool alongside my father and Brian Walton. Also in 1978 I was voted on to the school governors.

I was voted on as district councillor in 1999, I served 37 years as a retained fireman. I was a on the planning committee of Dartmoor National Park for 20 years.

I married Brenda in 1966 and we have 2 daughters and six grandchildren. I am also a woodturner and model engineer and lead walking groups on to the moor.

Contact me: mike.jeffery.senior@gmail.com

01647 440755

Cllr Paul Dodd

Born in London in 1939. Joined the army age 17 and served for 6 years, mainly in Kenya and Middle east. Left in 1963 and joined the Metropolitan Police. Served in the West End and Richmond area. I was a high speed pursuit driver and later a dog handler and trainer for 24 years. I was awarded the British Empire Medal for services to Police dogs and retired in 1994.

Started own dog training business and moved to Moretonhampstead in 2001 where I live with my wife of 56 years, Margaret. We have 3 sons. Joined Parish Council in 2007.

Cllr Malcolm Chudley

Cllr Malcolm Chudley

Born in Moretonhampstead in 1945. Spent all my early life in Moretonhampstead and went to the Primary School, then to Newton Abbot Grammar School.

I started work with Devon River Authority on 1st. April 1963, went through a number of reorganisations and subsequently finished my working life with the Environment Agency as the Environmental Protection Manager for Devon.

I married a local girl, Marilyn Aggett and have two daughters and have lived all my life in Moretonhampstead except for a brief period of four years after marriage when we lived near Chudleigh and I worked as a  water bailiff on the River Teign before being promoted to the office.

Contact me: cllrchudley@moretonhampstead-pc.gov.uk

01647 440278

Cllr John Farrand-Rogers

Cllr John Farrand-Rogers

I moved to Moreton in 2007, when I retired from one of Mexico´s top universities. There I spent 20 years training people in how to teach students and how to organise research.   My own research projects involved appraisal of institutions and their improvement.  I also organised professional examinations in Territorial Planning.

This explains why I have two surnames, a system Mexico inherited from the Spaniards.   Everybody in Mexico does, and the Mexican Government  insisted that I should  too.

In the first part of  my professional career I taught in several grammar and comprehensive schools in different parts of this country.

Contact me: jfarrandr@icloud.com

01647 440182

Cllr Penny Simpson

Cllr Penny Simpson

Having lived in Moreton for the last 37 years and brought up three children here, I feel a love and sense of commitment to the town.  I run a studio pottery business here and am keen to promote small businesses in the town, through co-operative initiatives such as the Moretonhampstead Crafts Collective.    As my pottery studio in Court Street is open to the public, I am easily accessible to members of the community who wish to raise concerns or new ideas to the Parish Council and am happy to do my best to help.  I am keen to work with the Parish Council to do all we can to tackle the Climate Change Emergency.

Contact me: cllrsimpson@moretonhampstead-pc.gov.uk

01647 440708

Cllr Rose Mogeni

Cllr Rose Mogeni

I moved to Moretonhampstead with my family in 2013 and have come to love this friendly and close knit community. I am currently working with the Mental Health Service but have worked and interacted with the local community in various settings. I worked as a parent helper at Moreton Primary school, as a youth worker at the Yard Youth Club as well as at Coppelia House.

I also worked within the community supporting our elderly members in their own homes where I was able to form long-lasting friendships with those I cared for and their family members and friends.

I joined the Parish Council in 2019 and currently represent the Youth Club as I have a passion for the mental health and wellbeing of young people. It has been a joy to work with other councillors and hope to continue in contributing to the initiatives that will lead to the improvement of the health and well being of our community and beyond.

Contact me: komayio76@yahoo.com

Cllr Gordy Keep

Cllr Gordon Keep

Chairman of open Spaces Committee

I was born in Moretonhampstead and attended the local Primary School. After leaving Secondary School I carried on the family tradition of cattle farming. I lived and farmed in South West France for 16 years, what an adventure!

I joined the Council in May 2019 because I want to see more local employment for Moretonians. I have an open minded to peoples points of view and ideas and am keen to learn from more experienced Councillors.

Cllr Janette Evans

Cllr Janette Evans

Chairman of Finance and Policy Committee

I am 72 years old and I have lived in Moretonhampstead with my husband Roger since 1978. I was employed by London and Manchester Assurance Company for 25 years and Exeter University for 8 years. I have a good grasp of financial matters, studied for an AAT financial qualification successfully and care passionately about Moretonhampstead. I do believe that we should be considering Homes for young Moretonhampstead residents and trying to increase employment opportunities for families to grow and remain in Moretonhampstead. I believe Tourism plays a big part in our future combined with respect for the environment.

My interests are horses, travelling, baking and singing – although not all together.

Contact me: cllrevans@moretonhampstead-pc.gov.uk

Cllr Catherine Fileman-Wright

I have lived in Moretonhampstead for 30 years. You might know me better as Catherine Back.

I joined Moretonhampstead Parish Council in November 2021. My professional background is in environment, flood risk management, climate change and sustainability. I am a Director of Operations for the Environment Agency (EA), where I have worked for over 30 years.

My interests include music, walking and cycling. I have been a parent governor at Moretonhampstead Primary School and organised community music events – Moreton Music Day for 6 years, and Mini Music Day, Dartmoor’s music festival for young people; and Turning of the Year with Greenhill Arts.

Contact me: catherine.back@ymail.com

01647 440155

Cllr Richard Short

I am a retired town planner. I worked for local councils for most of my career, for the last fourteen years as Head of Planning and Building Control at Exeter City Council. 

My wife Anne and I moved to Moretonhampstead in 2003 and we ran a  bed and breakfast until 2016.

I am a keen chess player, football fan, a member of Dartmoor Ramblers and walk on Dartmoor most days.

Contact me: richardpaulshort@gmail.com

01647 441353


Clerk, Sam Parkin

Sam Parkin

I have lived in Moretonhampstead all my life and both my children were born here. I love our community which is why I decided to become Clerk! I started with the Council in 2019 having worked in the retail industry for 16 years. I look forward to getting involved with the community and helping residents.

Contact me: clerk20@moretonhampstead-pc.gov.uk

01647 440041

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