Moretonhampstead Parish Council is committed to ensuring that its programs and services, including this website, are accessible to everyone.

What we have done

We do not have specialist resources, due to the size of our parish and the budget availble to us. However, in building this website we have ensured from inception that it is as accessible as possible by:

  1. Using WordPress as a platform as it follows best practice on accessibility
  2. Using a WordPress template that is accessibility ready (Baskerville 2)
  3. Ensuring that we load content using best pratice (eg ensuring a logical hierarch of headings is used; linking from words that make sense, rather than “click here”; ensuring PDFs are OCR readable; and so on).
  4. Testing pages using the WAVE tool and an to identify and remedy any issues. We are aware that the Wave tool displays three issues relating to the header area. We have taken advice from WordPress, who report that two of the triggered errors are a Wave tool issue rather than a site issue; and the third should not in fact cause any accessibility problems and can’t be removed from the template.
  5. A parishoner who’s an accessibilty expert has also helped with other tests – we are aware that the site’s Javascript does trigger a technical validation. We have logged this issue with WordPress and it is this parishoner’s advice that real users are unlikely to be badly affected.
  6. Involving a parishoner with accessibily needs in hands-on testing.
  7. Scanned PDF documents do not comply, but that these documents can be provided in an alternative format upon request. 

We believe that these efforts have resulted in a site that is practically accessible to the best level that can be achieved with the available resources.

If you need information on this website in a different format like accessible PDF or large print:

Telephone: 01647 440041
We’ll consider your request and get back to you in 10 days. If you cannot view the map on our ‘contact us’ page, call or email us via our contact page.

Reporting accessibility problems with this website

If you find any problems or think we’re not meeting accessibility requirements, contact:

Telephone: 01647 440041

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