Climate Change and Ecological Emergency

Useful websites to help you reduce your carbon footprint:

In 2019, Moretonhampstead Parish Council and the Development trust both signed an emergency declaration, agreeing to take urgent action on climate change. Together, we have devised a Carbon Plan for Moretonhampstead to display what progress we are making to reduce our carbon emissions and help make Moretonhampstead a more sustainable town.

Green tip of the Month


January 2022


January is the time for New Year’s Resolutions and so a good time to re-think our buying habits and approach to our wardrobe.

We all know about the environmental impact of flying but the fashion industry’s carbon footprint is greater than aviation and shipping combined! So it is essential globally to think seriously about our clothes.

The main message is to BUY LESS and wear for longer. Invest in fewer high quality items with sustainable credentials.

The rise of ‘vintage’ clothes shops means that buying used clothing is now cool – we have our own ‘Brainwave’ charity shop and ‘Uptown’ in Chagford as well as many charity shops and vintage outlets in Exeter and Okehampton.

A survey in the UK found that nearly half of the clothes in the average person’s wardrobe are never worn. This is a great time to go through your wardrobe and arrange a clothes swap with friends for some items and to take others to charity shops or for re-cycling.

Let’s make 2022 the year to BUY LESS, RE-USE, RECYCLE !

December 2021

Christmas Wrapping Paper – all that glitters……………

Over the years Xmas wrapping paper has changed and is no longer a simple paper sheet
with perhaps a few Xmas trees, stars, holly and snowy scenes printed on it.

Nowadays much of the festive wrapping paper on sale includes plastics in the form of
glitter and laminates. Because of this (and he same is true for many Xmas card designs)
such paper is impossible to recycle.
One national waste management company, has estimated that every household throws
away on average 3 bags of festive packaging after Xmas which ends in landfill. These
bags combine to create a horrendous 3 million tonnes of extra waste at Christmas
So, the message is, when choosing your Christmas wrapping paper (and cards), please go
for those that are not adorned with glitter and shiny laminates. Then you can recycle with
your ordinary paper waste. Or fold away and re-use next year!

And, of course BUY LOCAL and BUY LESS!

November 2021

Reduce and Recycle

October 2021


Re-Use and Recycle Household goods and furniture

Every year, over 10 million items are sent to landfill. A third of these – up to 3 million – could be re-used.

As we have been spending more time at home during the pandemic, many people have embarked on home improvement projects and adaptations to enable working from home.

What to do with unwanted furniture? Where to find good quality used furniture?

Locally, we have two good outlets.

Proper Job in Chagford is conveniently near, though at present their stock of furniture and ability to accept donations is somewhat limited. They do have a good selection of books, toys and other items, though.

ReFurnish in Newton Abbot – 1 Brunel Road, TQ12 4PB

has a large selection of furniture and household appliances, such as fridges, washing machines, vacuum cleaners etc. all of which are PAT tested and in working order. All the furniture which they sell is in good condition and reasonably priced.

They offer discount to people on benefits and through social services often help people who are trying to get back on their feet in difficult circumstances.

They are part of a network of affiliated organisations which do similar work, details of which can be found on their website.

The added advantage of ReFurnish is that if you have a piece of furniture to donate which they find is too worn or unsuitable, the recycling centre is just round the corner, so your journey won’t be wasted.

And don’t forget the Moreton Facebook hub, where you can often find a new home for unwanted items or see if anyone has a spare piece of furniture they no longer need. It is a great community support.

July 2021


Convert your food waste into green electricity !

Although the best thing that can happen to the food we buy or grow is for us to eat it all, inevitably there will be some food waste, such as peelings, banana skins, tea bags etc. If you can’t compost this yourself, then putting it in your food caddy for collection has a double benefit – firstly, it avoids it going into landfill where it will release harmful methane gas as it decomposes and secondly, Teignbridge takes food waste to an anaerobic digestion facility in Devon where it is converted into electricity and a fertiliser. Any plastic bags which can be used to line the bins are filtered from the process and sent to an energy from waste facility.

Don’t forget, though, that we should all do all we can to reduce food waste. If we all stopped wasting the food which could have been eaten, it would have the same CO2 impact as taking 1 in 4 cars off UK roads.

For more information visit How is food waste recycled? | Recycle Now

May 2021


Following on from last Month’s theme of inviting wildlife into your garden, the Parish Council would like to highlight the ‘No mow May’ initiative being promoted by conservation charity Plantlife.
Head to to find out how you can get involved in surveying wildflowers and helping to provide valuable food for a range of pollinating insects in your garden.
Please do email us to share your projects with us ( ) and keep your eyes peeled for areas around town that the Parish council are working in conjunction with the biodiversity group to get Moreton’ buzzing!

(And spend the time you would have been mowing sitting enjoying your outside space and its visitors instead!)

April 2021


With green shoots, blossoms and nesting birds heralding spring’s arrival and the chance to spend more time outdoors, it’s an ideal opportunity to think about how we can invite wildlife into our gardens. No space is too small and any action can contribute to combating the effects of the climate change and ecological emergency as well as improving our mental health. Here are some ideas of projects to get you thinking and keep the kids occupied in the Easter holidays…

We are blessed in Moretonhampstead with many people and groups who have the enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to inspire and assist on this subject – Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events you can get involved in or explore this page for more ideas – or pop into Zero Waste for a paper copy.


March 2021

Dastardly Draughts!The recent cold snap has concentrated minds on making sure that our houses are as warm and energy efficient as possible.
Energy conservation often tends to concentrate on insulation and U values, and quite often overlooks the potential of draughts to bypass all the excellent work done in insulating your home.  They can whisk away your hard won therms and BTU’s into the atmosphere, before you can say Brrrr.
In older homes, draughts arise not only from poorly sealed windows and doors, but also at junctions of skirtings and architraves, and with suspended wooden floors – especially if they are plane edged boards and not tongued and grooved. 
To test how airtight your home is you can always do the taper test.
This involves (carefully) using a lighted taper or joss stick and moving it close to the various junctions of the building’s external walls and joinery and note the degree to which the line of smoke is affected. If you want to do a test professionally, there is a range of Smoke-Sticks & dispenser pen available from a company called Hayes. Ordinary smoke matches, tapers and smoke tubes give off an unstable smoke pattern, but the Smoke-Stick with its straight, pencil-thin smoke pattern has been designed specifically to monitor the slightest change in air movement. Each Smoke-Stick offers a minimum of 30 minutes of continuous smoke or 90 tests of 20 seconds each.
Please don’t get ambitious and wander round the house with a tallow torch or other apparatus (as might be seen in Game of Thrones); and when you have found your leaky bits get cracking with a proprietary sealant and stay warm.
Please also note that the government Green Homes Grant has been extended until March 2022. That is the date by which work has to be completed and it can be quite a slow process, so get cracking if you think it will help you to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Stop those dastardly draughts poster

Watch the Chairman, Cllr Vivienne Hodges check the Office at Greenhill for draughts. We are very happy with the results!

February 2021


To reduce our carbon emissions and help to prevent climate change, we need to know what our own carbon footprint is as individuals and households, so that we can see where it would be helpful to modify our behaviour and have the most beneficial effect.

This is a great time to be doing it, so we can all make a few New Year Resolutions to do our bit in reducing emissions.

There are various templates available for doing this which you can find online, but we have come up with a template which is specifically designed for Moreton – giving you calculations for journeys from here etc.

We suggest that you give this one a go – click here to download the Moretonhampstead Carbon Calculator

The Parish Council and the Development Trust are working together on climate change issues, hoping for a more sustainable future for us all.  We welcome any feedback on this and helpful suggestions to make our community fit for a more sustainable future.

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